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Seinfeld Babies

World collide!

It’s Not You It’s Him: A Few Reflections on Costanza, Lord of the Idiots

Seinfeld is my all-time favorite television series. There are plenty of shows that are more profound, more touching or just plain well done (Friday Night Lights – check, check, check). But there are none that I am always in the mood to see and never tire of rewatching. TBS is something of a Godsend in […]

Mockingbird Hour: Seinfeld

Tonight at our Mockingbird Meeting, we’ll be looking at Seinfeld, as far as I’m concerned the all-time greatest network sitcom. Also the most nihilistic, its famous mantra being “no hugs, no learning”. Clearly there’s a lot of material to choose from, but we’ll be watching at “The Face Painter” episode from Season 6, and not […]