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Another Week Ends: Lonely Girls, Religious Radicals, Anderson Cooper, Terrence Malick, Sleep Productivity, and the Sacrament of the Gospel

1. We’ve discussed the plight of teenage boys, but now there’s this research, from clinical psychologist Mary Pipher, about the increasing prevalence of loneliness in adolescent girls across America. Pipher talks about the 36% of school-age girls who report being anxious every day, who lack self-sufficiency and spend six to nine hours of each day […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Sacraments… Walk in the Room

EPISODE 225: The Sacraments… Walk in the Room A forthcoming book on the sacraments, edited by Justin Holcomb and David A. Johnson, has got me thinking about the “means of grace” — or rather, how do we know and recognize God’s grace in our actual personal lives. The history of the Christian Church could almost […]

PZ’s Podcast: Shag (The Movie), Cimarron, The Sacraments Rightly Understood, Mirage Fighter, and What Actually Happens

Episode 195: Shag (The Movie) That’s a great little movie, from 1989. But I’m afraid it’s going to get banned one of these days, by the Ministry of Truth. Right from the “get go”, there’s an image in it that’s distressing today. Which gives me a chance to talk Christianly about how to deal with […]

Clayton Kershaw Shares the Love & Madison Bumgarner Embodies the Mystery of “Clutch”

As an insanely devoted San Francisco Giants’ fan, it’s tough for me to give kudos to anything “LA Dodgerish”. I have fellow Giant fan friends who will chastise me for even writing this. However, I’ve got to give some kudos to Clayton Kershaw – the LA Dodger pitcher who (yesterday) became the first National League […]

Andre Dubus on Sleeping Sacraments and Receptive Conditions

From the immobilized author’s essay “Sacraments,” collected in Meditations from a Movable Chair, ht MS: Sacraments are myriad. It is good to be baptized, to confess and be reconciled, to receive Communion, to be confirmed, to be ordained a priest, to marry, or to be anointed with the sacrament of healing. But it is limiting […]

Tongue-Tied and Dancing with Andre Dubus

A particularly beautiful passage from Andre II’s short story, “A Father’s Story,” that encapsulates much of what is most powerful about, well, church. Or at least, liturgy. Almost enough to raise this blogger’s rock-bottom sacramentology, ht MS: Do not think of me as a spiritual man whose every thought during those twenty-five minutes is at […]