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Ryan Adams and the Benefits of Being a Mockingbird

This one comes to us from John Alexander. Ryan Adams has a layered reputation. First of all, he’s prolific. Since his 2000 debut Heartbreaker he has released 15 full-length albums in addition to a pile of EPs and a mountain of orphaned singles. Secondly, his work is notably diverse. Adams’ first few releases pinned him […]

Another Week Ends: Immortality, Elixirs of Life, False Prophets, Fear of Death, Sensitive Readers and Humble Corporations, and Stranger Things

1. Lots of people talking about immortality this week! Wonder why that’s happening! First off, in a pretty blatant promotion of our Food & Drink Issue, The Atlantic published a lengthy piece on the denial of death in the world of nutrition and diet. I mean, the article gets pretty close to a lot of what […]

November Playlist

  1. I’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy – Paul Jones
  2. A Breath Taking Guy – The Marvelettes
  3. If Dolphins Were Monkeys – Ian Brown
  4. I Told Her on Alderaan – Neon Neon
  5. Right Behind You – Brandon Flowers
  6. Speedway – Morrissey
  7. Man-Sized Wreath – REM
  8. Church on White – Stephen Malkmus
  9. It’s Real – Real Estate
  10. The Reason – Thunderclap Newman
  11. There’s No Way Out of Here – David Gilmour
  12. In No Resistance – Frankie Miller
  13. Bad Blood – Crooked Fingers
  14. The Neighbor – Dixie Chicks
  15. The Road to Birmingham – Mott the Hoople
  16. Boulder to Birmingham – Emmylou Harris
  17. In the World – Ryan Adams
  18. Nothing Lasts Forever – Echo & The Bunnymen

Another Week Ends: Brooks on Empathy, more Quiet Beatle, American Commandments, Kaling on Chick Flicks, Meth to Master, Pre-Marital Hanky Panky, Psycho Congress, Tweedy & Ryan Adams

1. David Brooks continues with his one-man campaign for a more realistic conception of human nature, and the implications it might have on ethical behavior, in his new column, “The Limits of Empathy.” This time he focuses on the question of motivation, exploring how easily/frequently something as ‘good’ as empathy is subordinated to self-interest (and laziness), ht […]

Another Week Ends: Christian Neurotics, Shrieking Children, Grunge-Love, Steve Jobs, and Idiot Brothers

At week’s end, despite the continued reverberations, ironic photo blogs, and miraculous happenings, all is still in post-quake Central Virginia! The Mockingbird offices remain in functional tact… 1) Over at First Things, and similarly confronting the stigmas of mental health as discussed in an earlier post this week, “The Christian Neurotic” ponders “neurosis” and its […]

Another Week Ends: Shiny Happy Students, Creative Psych, Coen Bros, Humilation Elation, and Ryan Adams

1. The results of a couple intertwining and potentially encouraging little social science surveys were made public this week. The first found that religious belief correlated with increased happiness, the second with increased education. This could well be a case of numbers being cooked, but hey, I’ll take it. The second one, reported by CNN, […]

Cowboys Vs Aliens Vs Ninjas

The mashup wars continue, thank God, with some serious lights on the horizon this holiday season:

p.s. On a related note, our favorite man-who-makes-it-hard-to-love-him, Ryan Adams, recently announced the self-release III/IV, a double-album concept record about “the 80s, cigarettes, sex, ninjas and pizza”. Coming 12/14.

Tuesday Morning Praise N Blame: Tom Jones Sings Dylan

Never thought I’d be writing about Sir Tom Jones on here. As I suspect is the case with many of us, after the double whammy of “It’s Not Unusual” in Mars Attacks and the ubiquitous euro-pop smash “Sex Bomb,” he faded from my radar screen. That is, outside of a couple bits in an Elvis […]

Fighting the Law… and Losing

So, it’s winter and I’m depressed. This happens every year. I hate the cold weather, and this year has been especially cold, by Charleston standards anyway. Many of you in the Northeast are sneering about now. Thinking, “That Southern boy has it great! Complaining about temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s — Where does he […]

Finnish Disco, Romans 7, and Ryan Adams

So, what do a 1970’s Finnish disco instruction video and Romans 7 have in common? Answer: Ryan Adam’s Halloweenhead! This music video (as awesomely clever as it is) sort of masks what the great songwriter of our time, Ryan Adams, has to say about the human condition. For those of you unfamiliar with with his […]

February Playlist

A bit of an 80s/euro vibe this time around. With the notable exception of “Song For Him”, as far I know the only song Bob Seger ever wrote about Jesus. Which is ironic, considering that during the early 70s – i.e. the out-of-print Seger golden period – Bob rocked the Jesus-look harder than anyone (which […]