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Do You Have A Zombie Plan? Part V

As I promised in the last post, we now venture into the many fearful layers of our psyche … the land of the walking dead. Sigmund Freud once wrote an interesting little ditty called “The Uncanny“.  In it, he set up an inner conversation between what he called Heimlich and Unheimlich. Heimlich, says Freud, is […]

Fat Children Took My Life

A provocative piece on the obesity epidemic via Slate’s new Hive project, in which author Daniel Engbar compiles a startling amount of data about the ineffectiveness of ‘tough love’ when it comes to dealing with this issue. In fact, the evidence of “the law increasing the trespass” (Romans 5:20) is pretty egregious here. A classic […]

What Noel Gallagher Is Not Supposed To Feel

It’s high time we reappraised Oasis’ fourth album, the grammatically suspect Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. When it was released in 2000, the expectations were astronomical. Oasis were still the biggest band in the (rest of the) world, but facing a crossroads. The question of how to follow-up the relative “failure” of Be Here […]

Against This, I Cannot Fight

I love classical music. It calms me, it always has. So, when my little Q man was born and all he did was SCREAM (okay, unfair…maybe 2% of the time he ‘tried’ to sleep), I quickly developed a habit of turning on the classical music…for me, really. So, more often then not, if you stop […]

Nietzsche, Socrates, Seneca and The Philosopher’s Stone

A fascinating if somewhat downbeat review of James Miller’s new Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche appeared in this past weekend’s NY Times Book Review, containing more than a few gems about human nature and the search for meaning. In particular, the book details how various philosophers have negotiated, or failed to negotiate, the impossible […]

PZ’s Podcast Double-Feature, Part One: Inside Looking Out

EPISODE 23 So I was standing in line at the Hess Station the other day and began to be critical of everyone else who was standing in line with me. I thought about lottery tickets and poor people, Jerry Springer, obesity, ‘Joe Six-Pack’, the few free individuals who were purchasing cigarettes, Little Debbie, Black Coffee […]

One Last Jab at New Year’s Resolutions

Just one more quick good-natured jab at New Year’s resolutions: a crowd-sourced New Year’s Resolution Generator. Users sent in their personal resolutions, which were added to a randomized display of things we all should be doing in 2011. Some are fun and good natured, like the Vanilla Ice inspired “Stop. Collaborate (and Listen).” Others revealed […]

Conditional Forgiveness and Unconditional Unforgiveness

A provocative article appeared over the break in the NY Times by Charles Griswold entitled “On Forgiveness”. It’s a wide-ranging if not entirely sympathetic (read: par-for-the-course and predictably/instinctively Pelagian) discussion of our favorite subject, raising some interesting questions, the bits about conditionality in particular. Griswold certainly succeeds, however, in painting the like-it-or-not explicitly Christian notions […]

Perfect Power Casts Out All Love: Joseph Stalin, Behavior Modification and Christmas

Two excerpts from the biography Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore chronicling the early religious education of Joseph Stalin: The Empire’s seminaries were “notorious for the savagery of their customs, medieval pedagoguery, and law of the fist,” comments [Leon] Trotsky. “All the vices banned by the Holy Scriptures flourished in this hotbed of piety.” The […]

The Secret History of William Axl Rose, Pt 3: Left So Far Out From The Shore

Concluding our three-part series on Axl Rose. Read part one and part two. “The name [Guns n Roses] helped the music [on Chinese Democracy] more than you could ever know, and I’m not talking in regards to studios and budgets. I mean it as in being pushed by something, and having to get the music […]

Mere Anglicanism 2011

The 2011 Mere Anglicanism conference this year is held in thanksgiving for the faithful witness of Bishop C. FitzSimons Allison to the Word of God’s Grace. It will be held at St. Philip’s Church in Charleston S.C. January 20-23. Some of Mockingbird’s favorite theologians will be speaking at the conference. Here is the Morning Prayer […]

Steeler’s James Harrison and the Law

Next to the Michael Vick redemption story, the next biggest storyline this NFL season has been the overwhelming amount of penalties and fines given out against defenders for potentially dangerous hits. Football is a violent game and the league hopes to curtail injuries, especially to its prized quarterbacks. Steelers linebacker James Harrison has become the […]