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Hopelessly Devoted: Matthew Chapter Five Verse Forty Eight

If you’re following along with us in your new Mockingbird Devotional, you’ll already know. On Robin Hood and the nature of getting it wrong, today’s reading comes from our co-editor Sean Norris. You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5:48, ESV) One of the Biblical words translated “sin” is actually […]

The Geschichte of Robin Hood: Story and History

Another installment from our good friend in Berlin, Jonathan Mumme, of “Take a Theologian to Work Day” fame, that is inspired, in good Mockingbird fashion, by the release of the (seemingly) bi-annual remake of Robin Hood. Enjoy! With some British foresight Matthew Parris host of BBC Radio 4’s “Great Lives” invited Clive Strafford Smith to […]