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Love Is on the Beach: A Review of HBO’s Preamar

Total depravity is hot right now – at least if we’re talking TV. Breaking Bad dramatically covers a guy who hits rock-bottom with a diagnosis and then, (un)surprisingly, continues bottoming out in a series of ever-increasing grabs for power, wealth, and influence, using his chemist skills to begin a long ascent through the world of crystal […]

Three Years In, Still Determined, Still Anxious

The 11-part Heartland polls came out, and the Atlantic was quick to pick up on the psychological implications this recession has had on Americans, three years in. It turns out–yes, go figure–that we are just as determined in spirit (though with, as they call it, a renewed sense of “reluctant self-reliance”) and maybe a little […]

Hard Times, Recession Depression, and The Whole Duty of Man, Pt I

“…his only reasonable transaction in that commodity would have been to buy it for as little as he could possibly give, and sell it for as much as he could possibly get; it having been clearly ascertained by philosophers that in this is comprised the whole duty of man — not a part of man’s […]