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A Guide to Loving Your Conspiracy Theorist

And so, in conclusion, FDR knew about Pearl Harbor, and he allowed the attack to happen so that America would get involved in World War II. He has the blood of American patriots on his hands.  I still remember the silent cringe in that classroom 16 years ago as we witnessed a classmate self-destruct in […]

QAnon, Faith, and Skepticism

To State the Problem in the Form of a Question, What’s the Right Point on the Credulity-Skepticism Spectrum?

Another Week Ends: Strange Rites, QAnon, Gracious Gardens, Accelerated Alienation, Imputed Memes, Masterclasses and The Killers

1. First up, I had the privilege of penning the lead review in the latest issue of Christianity Today on Tara Isabella Burton’s phenomenal new book Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World. While the title might suggest significant overlap with #seculosity, Strange Rites is very much its own thing, both in terms of […]