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On TV: The Boardwalk Empire Series Finale and the Warning Label on the Side Panel of the American Dream

The fifth and final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire concluded last week. It ends having not quite the widespread appeal of The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, but the reviews were strong, due largely to how well the show balanced a fictionalized morality tale with an historical account of the emergence of the American gangster […]

Another Week Ends: Ben Franklin’s Bible, Desperate Millennials, The Costanza Key to Success, Prohibition, Zombie vs. Vampire, Whit Stillman, Craig Thompson and Rango

1. Doubtless you’ve heard, but in a true laugh-or-you’ll-cry moment, Ben Franklin’s notorious “God helps those who help themselves” motto was quoted as Scripture from quite an auspicious, or I should say audacious, pulpit this past week. This just a few weeks after the Atlanta branch of my church put forward an out-of-nowhere (or, you […]

The Law of the Greater Good and Bottom’s Up Theology

In the South Park episode about anti-smoking zealotry called “Butt-Out,” Cartman ends up running from a homicidal Rob Reiner who needs him to die in order to prove that second hand smoke kills. This is a classic example of South Park’s brilliant reductio ad absurdum, and can’t be recommended more highly. Sadly, I ran across […]