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Keep Calm and Call the Midwife

“But does the church preach that salty message? Not as I hear it, it doesn’t. It preaches nutra-sweet religion of test-passing, which is the only thing the world is ready to buy and which isn’t even real sugar let alone salt. In spite of all our fakery, though, Jesus’ program remains firm. He saves losers […]

Another Week Ends: Wiman’s Abyss, Opinionless Boyfriends, Compassionology, Lehrergate, Antinomianism, Revolution, Taylor Swift, and Wreck-It Ralph

1. Every once and a while something comes across your screen that is so beautiful and honest and profound and enlivening that you want to force others to watch it. If commands of this kind worked, that’s what I’d do here. I’m referring to the interview that Bill Moyers conducted with poet (and Poetry Magazine […]

“It’s You I Like” by Fred M. Rogers

I was probably familiar with this song when I was a kid, but I recently ran across it again… for the first time. Its words of gratuitous unconditional love may seem a bit flaky at first, but if Mr. Rogers can’t pierce our cynicism, no one can! The lyrics are on par with that scene […]

Now You’re Special To Me: Downton Abbey and the Adoption of Daisy

Many of us struggled with the recently completed second season of costumed PBS/BBC megahit Downton Abbey. And for good reason. It zigzagged relentlessly, introducing subplot after ridiculous subplot, the bandaged Canadian stranger being the lowest blow, an understandable point of no return for some. Perhaps the culprit was the editing for US audiences, who knows, […]

In Praise of Mr. Rogers

A touching tribute to Fred Rogers in The Spectator of all places, perhaps all the more affecting because of its foreign origins. The author presents Rogers as something of a paragon of Christian virtue. A few of its discoveries were new to me, and frankly rather astounding. I’m talking about Mr. Rogers’ policies regarding advertising, […]

Amy Adams on Children and Freedom

A quick one from Mbird friend Russ Masterson. Amy Adams, who just received a well-deserved Oscar nomination for her role in The Fighter was on Tavis Smiley in December to promote the film. Tavis asked Amy about having a new baby, and her response was priceless: “I like the world more now. The focus is […]

NPR’s Nina Totenberg Apologizes For Saying "Christmas"

“I want to say one thing about the budget that didn’t get passed, the omnibus bill. You know, we talk a lot about – we just passed this huge tax cut in part because business said, you know, we have to plan, we have to know what kind of tax cuts we have. Well, these […]

In Law We Trust, or The Tie That Binds Spiritual Hippies and Religious Preppies

In an attempt to put the election season in an eternal perspective, I’ve been listening to a wonderful (if not somewhat depressing) podcast from PBS called “God in America,” which chronicles the entire complex history of American self-identity with respect to religion. Repeated throughout the show is the argument that America–through its unique blend of […]

Tales of a third grade nothing…

This video is a perfect example of what it is like to live a compartmentalized life. Allow me to elaborate upon the concept of compartmentalization with a personal story. When I was in the 3rd grade, my father participated in a downhill ski race. He returned home with what I thought was the coolest souvenir…a […]

Ode To Joy

Word has it, the Muppets are staging a comeback, starting with some youtube shorts. Very, very exciting: