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Patton Oswalt’s Good Grief

This one was written by Aarik Danielsen. “You gotta laugh to keep from crying.” This is what passes for conventional emotional wisdom in 2017. And not without reason. Our moment feels, politically, psychically, and spiritually, like a stage play complete with buffoonish characters, bizarre stage directions and metaphors willing to do tasteful nudity. If we […]

Another Week Ends: More Meritocracy, Hakuna Matata Election, Dating Apocalypse, Loving Psychos, The Ambush of Grief, and Irresponsible Gender Equity

Click here to listen to this week’s episode of The Mockingcast, which features an interview with Zac Hicks, author of the brand new book The Worship Pastor. 1. In a great piece called “Meritocracy Is Exhausting,” from The Atlantic (ht DT), Victor Tan Chen explains how a society built on reward can be not only tiresome but […]

Another Week Ends: Forgiveness, Giving Trees, Therapists, and Aging with Grace

1. Forgiveness and apology seems to be a theme in the news as of late, or at least it was prior to Monday’s heartbreaking news from Boston. CNN’s belief blog highlighted the story of one man’s quest to forgive and restore the man who killed his brother when they were teens. I found the story […]

A Little Dose of Patton Medicine

If I ever need a reminder that I am a deeply sinful creature (and I rarely do), I simply recall my attraction to stand-up comedy. I love stand-up comedy, especially comedy that is openly hostile to religion. I don’t know why exactly, probably because, as Christopher Hitchens might generalize, God rest his soul, atheists are […]