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Vacations, Adventures, and Restless Hearts

As I am writing this, I am back on my break. You know, the one where the kids are at school and the house is peaceful and quiet. My family and I had a blessed Christmas and New Year, but I have to admit (with some feelings of guilt) that I consider the breaks from […]

Farewell to Parks and Recreation

Earlier this week, Parks and Recreation concluded after a remarkable seven-season run. While other outlets have covered the show’s legacy in far greater detail than I can provide (check out Uproxx and Grantland for that), I wouldn’t feel right if I missed this opportunity to eulogize a show that has meant so much to me […]

Aziz Ansari on Boredom, Rappers, Underconfidence

From his interview with NPR this week, Parks and Recreation‘s Ansari plans to release (much like Louis C.K.’s release) his new standup series, Dangerously Delicious, online (non-listeners of strong language, be warned). Ansari himself grew up in a small town in South Carolina, where he says there was frequently nothing to do.”Nothing cool was going […]

Another Week Ends: Joseph Mills, Commitment Devices, Anxiety Rights, Bible Rescue, Imposter Syndrome, Hitch on Chesterton, Elmer Bernstein and Liz Lemon

1. One of the many things to adore about David Foster Wallace’s A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again is the cover (of the US edition). The collage manages to capture the torrential intellect at the heart of that wonderful collection without losing the humor. But it wasn’t until this past week that I […]

The Year in Television 2011

Another banner year for the small screen! Comedy and drama, network and cable, domestic and abroad, great work flooded the airwaves. We’ve had a lot of fun commenting on and cataloging it all. Here are my favorites of the year: Top Eleven Television Series of 2011 11. Portlandia. Put a bird on it, indeed. Can’t […]

The Year in Television 2010

I remember in high school once arguing with a friend about the obvious inferiority of television as a medium, that any format created solely to sell advertising could never reach the same artistic heights as, say, the silver screen. Silly rabbit… The golden age of television rolled on this year, once again significantly eclipsing anything […]

Another Week Ends: Thornton Wilder, Issues Etc, Bad Coach, Parks and Rec

1. Maybe it’s because it’s so nice out, or maybe it’s because we completely forgot to mention his fantastic Conference talk in our recent newsletter, or maybe it’s because his Good Friday and Easter sermons were so inspired, but we urge you to check out the following write-up over 1a. Supplied by above preacher, […]