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From The Onion: American Public Gets Exactly What It Deserves (Plus)

A couple of recent gems from The Onion, the first of which expertly distills the pretty convincing recent NY Magazine article The Benjamin Button Election, which advocates for the use of child psychology in understanding voting habits and political thought of American adults (across the board):  Dismayed by the fact that over the past 24 […]

"Not Afraid" Vs. "Love the Way You Lie": Eminem and the Limits of Pelagianism

What I’ve never figured out is if everyone hates Eminem, how’d he sell so many records? Somebody must have liked him. So I’ll confess first—I liked him enough to bleach my hair blonde my freshman year of high school (yeah, I’m just that cool.) While never a huge fan of rap, I (secretly) resonated with […]

The Theology of Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia, Pennsylvania. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, until I borrowed a copy of Weird Pennsylvania, a new book which explores the bizarre stuff that happens in our beloved Commonwealth. Recently, Centralia has created quite a buzz. In fact, the recent horror flic, Silent Hill (roughly based on the same-titled video game), was inspired […]

Reflecting on Grace

Recently, I have found myself reflecting on grace. As I have been preparing for my upcoming marriage (9/26/09), finished seminary, moved from Pittsburgh, PA, to Charleston, SC, and started the process of thinking what will be next, I have been asking myself what is grace? While thinking about this unique gift from God, I have […]