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Finding Sugar Man

Some people want to be the President of the United States when they grow up. Some want to win a Nobel Prize. Some want to win a Super Bowl or a World Series. But not me. When I grow up, I want to be a MacArthur Fellow. Every year, the MacArthur Foundation chooses a class […]

When a Cleanse Is More Than Just a Cleanse

Well, this is about as interesting as it gets, especially during a season that so revolves around food. In the past 48 hours, I’ve been forwarded not one but four separate articles about the religiosity inherent in the juice cleanse phenomenon. It would appear that, after receding for a number of years following the boom in […]

Banksy, FOMO, and the Hippest Law in NYC

The street artist Banksy is all over the news lately–or at least he’s been there since October 1st, when he began a thirty day stint of public art projects in the New York City area. We’ve mentioned him before on Mbird, including his Exit Through the Gift Shop, with a particular interested in the ueber-creative, borderline […]

Anthony Weiner and The Court of Public Opinion

The recent hubbub surrounding Anthony Weiner’s second exposure for “sexting” is immensely difficult to write about, but relevant. Recidivism? Check. Judgment? Check. Grace? We’ll see. The media has spent a good portion of the past week trying to classify the New York mayoral candidate’s behavior. Is he a punchline? A sex addict? A narcissist? Classifications […]

Tim Tebow at the Bottom of His Barrel

Guess who’s back?! Everyone’s favorite sports talking point (including Mockingbird’s) is heading to the New England Patriots, and the initial reactions are just as polarized as any conversation about Tim Tebow has ever been. There’s the cautious optimist, there’s the outright optimist, and then there’s the severe pessimist, to name just a few. The Patriots are […]

Spring Conference in NYC (4/18-20): Pre-Registration Now Open!


Just when we think we have settled our account, life presents a new one, more difficult to pay. – T.S. Eliot

One of The Onion’s most brilliant headlines has got to be “Man Gets Life in Order for 36 Minutes.” Who can’t relate? The story captures something important about our daily lives. Try as we might, need and trouble never seem to go away – in relationships, in work, in the world, in ourselves. It can be exhausting, to say the least! Fortunately, the good news of God’s grace has no expiration date. Join us in Manhattan this coming April 18-20th as we explore what the Christian faith has to say to us about today… tomorrow… and the next day.

Our keynote speaker this year will be Tullian Tchividjian, noted author, pastor and all-round hero. We are still waiting to confirm a couple of very special guests, but rest assured Tullian will be joined by other members of the Mockingbird team, with devotions from conference chaplain Drew Rollins. There will also be a number of breakout sessions, covering a wide range of topics, from television and social media, to addiction and theology, to literature and parenting. The full schedule will be up by Feb 1st.

If the past five years are anything to go by, the conference is sure to be a time of warmth, fun, great food, and maybe even a little emancipation. We hope you can come!

The event is open to anyone and everyone. Our emphasis at Mockingbird is always on keeping things as down-to-earth as possible. Just be sure to pre-register ASAP, as space is limited.

For more details or to pre-register today, click here!

"Lonnie Loosie" on the Bound Will

An article that appeared in Monday’s New York Times discussed something absolutely fascinating to me. I had no idea of the problems that the New York City cigarette tax has created for so many New York residents. According to the article, an average pack of smokes now costs $12.50 in Midtown Manhattan, a price that […]

Why I Am Coming to NYC

Each year it seems like such an undertaking: spending money on travel for myself that could have been used for a family vacation; enduring crowded flights and dreary layovers; trudging to and fro on subway lines and unfamiliar avenues, a stranger in a strange land – all to spend a few fleeting days at a […]

Death and Resurrection in Church Planting. And Life.

Here at Mockingbird we pride ourselves on being Theologians of the Cross. That is to say, we believe that God works, most often and most powerfully, through weakness and defeat, rather than in strength and victory. As Paul writes, recounting God’s answer to him in the midst of suffering: But He said to me, “My […]

Tender Are The Ashes

Happy Ash Wednesday… from Honeybus:

Scumbags Welcome

Two thumbs up. Details here:

Thursday Afternoon Rock N Roll: Josh Ritter’s "To The Dogs Or Whoever"

Robbie Robertson once said that “The Weight” was about the impossibility of sainthood. This song is too:

Oh bring me the love that can sweeten a sword
A boat that can love the rocks or the shore
The love of the iceberg reaching out for a wreck
Can you love me like the crosses love the nape of the neck?