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Tim Tebow, Battle Creek, Nice Guy Displacement…and the NCAA Comeback

All Tim Tebow does is win – NCAA Championships, Heisman Trophies, NFL Playoff Games, “guy I most want to date my daughter contests”, etc. He’s still looking for a job in the NFL though, because, even though he wins, teams don’t trust him. He takes too long to get rid of the ball and isn’t […]

“Bracketology”, the Big Dance, and the Quest for Perfection

Warren Buffett has given away more money that one thousand of us can give away in one thousand lifetimes, but now he’s just getting bored. Buffett is offering one billion (with a b) dollars for a “perfect NCAA bracket”. Apparently, a perfect bracket has never been accomplished in the 64 team era. The odds of […]

Reflections on Identity and Bracketology

Congratulations to Louisville, winners of the NCAA tournament, and the team I picked to win in my tournament bracket! Unlike Louisville though, I only came in third in my pool for picking who would advance throughout the annual collegiate basketball tournament. Third out of six participants. Some bracket I picked, huh? Maybe it’s just me, […]

Control vs. Chaos? NCAA Recruiting, Texting, and Freedom

In his “Point After” column in the June 25 issue of Sports Illustrated, Phil Taylor (who is usually, and unfortunately, cut from the Rick Reilly cloth) wrote a short piece called “Thumb Wrestling for Recruits.” The subject is the intricacies of NCAA recruiting rules, and the changes thereto. Until this year, college coaches were severely […]

The Calipari Complex: When Perfection Is Perfectable

I am a Kentucky fan, and because I am a Kentucky fan, I know about expectations. It’s not so much that victory last night–Kentucky’s eighth national championship–wasn’t a thrill. It’s not that everyone in Lexington clicked off their television sets and sighed a sigh of a job well done, a season well-lived, and with a […]

Why the NBA Playoffs Are Better (Though Less Theologically Profound) Than March Madness

There was a time when I was just like you. I would have read the headline of this post and been outraged. “But,” I’d sputter, “No one plays defense in the NBA!” “College kids care more and try harder!” (Argument #1) “Anyone can win the NCAA Tournament; that’s the beauty of it!” (Argument #2) I […]

Justifying the “Student-Athlete”: Amateurism, Whoremasters, and the Temple the NCAA Built

A friend said this week that only in America, and particularly in the American South, can one speak justifiably and hear no condemnation, about spending the entirety of every minute of every fall weekend amassed in beer, tailgating food, and endless football games. This kind of attentive fanmanship constitutes an active weekend. It hasn’t always […]

30 for 30: Marcus Dupree, Theologian of the Cross

The crown jewel of the brilliant ESPN documentary collection, 30 for 30, has to be The Best That Never Was. At least for me. The documentary chronicles the life of Marcus Dupree, perhaps the greatest running back ever in high school football. Dupree was the center of the most heated recruiting frenzy in the history […]