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The Muppets and John Denver Sing Silent Night (Auf Deutsch)

And then there’s the infamous Smurfs Christmas Special, which features perhaps the lamest carol on record:

And don’t forget He-Man and She-Ra!

Another Week Ends: Holy Cross, Mysterious Flowers, Two Words, M. Galli, Capitalism, Coen Bros, and Sesame Street

1. First off, an irresistible little bit of nepotism – forgive me. Yesterday The Internet Monk posted a glowing and heartfelt reflection on a Communion service he attended at the heavily Mbird-connected Church of The Holy Cross on Sullivans Island, SC. Little known fact: the preacher in question – responsible on this site for Bringing […]

Mormon Than A Feeling

I find the Mormon religion fascinating; I’ve been known to watch BYU TV for hours and am slowly making my way through the vast literature written about its church’s history and development. While it is (fairly) easy to point out some of Mormonism’s extremely questionable claims—see, for instance, South Park—I think that there are some […]

The Missing 30 Rock-Muppet Show Connection

An inspired little piece that’s been making the rounds from Brian Lynch, writer of those new Angel comics. (To bring things full circle, click here).

Statler And Waldorf