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Another Week Ends: Life Stories, Vacation Days, Literary Grace, Curved In Worship, Baby Morality, Sleepy Hollow and Eagleton on Moz

1. We’ve spoken before about why we so often feel the need to conceive of our lives as a narrative of progress or upward-sloping trajectory. We’ve tried to highlight the dangers this poses, especially when the progress is understood to be moral or spiritual in nature. An instinct that can sometimes help us make sense […]

Elmo Loves You

About a year ago my daughter developed a deep affection for that furry red monster from Sesame Street, Elmo. I admit at first I was skeptical: Isn’t that the annoying little Muppet, you know, the one with the irritating laugh? But my wife and I quickly learned the power that the YouTube video of “Elmo’s Song” […]

Another (Holy) Week Ends: Unachievement, Damsels Reviews, Gastrodad Confessions, Youth Ministry, Music Snobs, Girls and Darth Vader

1. At this point, you’ve likely seen Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek cover story on the “Crisis in Christianity”. While there’s regrettably little talk of salvation – which I’m not sure is really within the purview of such a piece – and the reference to Jefferson is a bit dubious, the overall diagnosis strikes me as sound. […]

Statler and Waldorf Have the Last Laugh

In anticipation of what is now only three months away, and in conjunction with their brandnew OK Go video:

Another Week Ends: More Forgiveness, Addiction and Maslow; Lying Pundits, Tolerance Cults, Googling Mormons, Santiago Casilla, Elvis, Tom Waits and Cookie Monster

1. On the subject of forgiveness, The Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan posted a comment from one of his readers that gets at what I was trying to say in this week’s article, namely, that any attempt to tack a requirement or condition onto forgiveness (in the case of the HuffPo piece, repentance) robs it of […]

Jim Henson on Puppetry, the Creative Process and Inner Children

The more you study Jim Henson, the more fascinating he becomes. He was not only a self-taught pop genius (the sort that I admittedly have an enormous soft spot for), spreading magic everywhere he went, he was also by all accounts a bit of a saint. A more irreverent/hippie Fred Rogers, if you will, with […]

Another Week Ends: “You Look Good,” Ferris Bueller, and Other Lies…

It is both my privilege and pleasure to fill in for DZ this week! So here’s your Another Week Ends post, Bryan J. style! 1) A follow up to DZ’s great post on The Argumentative Theory of Reasoning, found here, another NYT article titled “Reason Seen More as Weapon than Path to Truth” continues to […]

It’s (Almost) Time To Play The Music…

Be sure to watch the entire thing:

Another Week Ends: Forgiving Mothers, Malick’s Tree of Life, Self-Control Tips, The Cult of Apple, Zach Galifianakis, Gracious Parenting

1. NPR has sure been on a roll this past week. They brought us another extremely powerful and must-read/-listen item this morning, “Forgiving Her Son’s Killer: ‘Not An Easy Thing.’” It tells a story of radical forgiveness involving mother Mary Johnson and her son’s killer, Oshea Israel. Very, very inspiring stuff (and that the church […]

Another Week Ends: Drunken Churches, Wild Corazons, Chris Paul Forgives, Grief Laws, Muppet Rarities & Herzog’s Cave

1. A couple of addiction-related articles worth drawing your attention to this week. The first is The NY Times article about the now infamous St Anthony Residence, a so-called “wet house” in St. Paul where alcoholics are given shelter while drinking themselves to death. Plenty of food/drink for thought. The second is a short essay […]

Stille Nacht Day 5: John Denver and the Muppets

Another Week Ends: Christian Kung Fu, Calvin and Hobbes, Luther, Mel Gibson, Muppets, FNL, Dollhouse

1. An article in The New York Times this week about “Where Feet, Fist and Faith Collide”. A number of Evangelical churches have turned to martial arts as a means to reach out to disaffected young men. While I certainly applaud the efforts of churches to engage with the widespread and tragic “fatherlessness” epidemic, I […]