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Sitting Shiva for Kobe: On the Complicated Nature of Grief, and Humans

Public Grief is a Messy Thing, and We Don’t Do It Well — I Include Myself in This Claim

Because It Rains: Why Kobe Bryant’s Death Hit So Hard & Wide

Why Has a Death like that of Kobe Bryant Hit So Many So Very Hard?

When Christmas Looks Like Easter: Reflections from the First 72 Hours of Processing Grief

“On This Mountain He Will Destroy / The Shroud That Enfolds All Peoples”

Like Framed Menus on the Wall

It’s easy for me to read headlines and observe human nature to back up my low anthropology. I only need to look in the mirror to find a human being who is selfish and who thinks too highly of herself. I’m often grouchy, and I am easily annoyed. Except. There are a few people who […]

For Once in Your Life Just Let It Go: The Terrible Mercy of Lament

My all-time favorite YouTube comment has to be this one, left underneath a clip of the penultimate scene from 1982’s film, Blade Runner. Taking place immediately after an epic battle between Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, we are witness to a self-delivered eulogy: boxerking1000 Best…Death…EVER!!! I sometimes sit down in the shower naked and quote this […]

Jurassic World and Facebook Elegies

Sitting in a breezy movie theater waiting for Jurassic World to start, my friend looked up from his Facebok timeline to ask me a question. We had been talking earlier about the devastating death of a friend and classmate, and in the last hour it had started to dominate our News Feed. “Dude, are we […]

Thoughts on the Dying of My Father

Before we move on from Father’s Day, a personal reflection from Jeff Dean. Jeff’s father died on April 10, 2012 and this piece was written in early March. My father is dying. There is, of course, a certain literal sense in which all of us are “dying,” but the vast majority of us haven’t been […]

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn (and Are Not Clobbered by Platitudes or Advice)

A few months ago we reported on Slate’s grief survey, focusing mainly on the pressure that the bereaved feel to grieve or not grieve “appropriately.” This past week, Slate released more of the survey’s findings, this time with the emphasis on “How to Help Friends in Mourning.” Or, as the case may be, How Not […]