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SAVE THE DATE! 2011 Mockingbird Conference in NYC 3/31-4/2

We are super excited to announce that this year’s keynote speaker will be Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today. All other details still being finalized. To receive the special pre-registration materials, please…:

O Lost, And By The Winds Grieved

Human suffering is an important touchstone for much of what is discussed here at Mockingbird. And as a native Pensacolian watching oil wash up on our shores every day, I am seeing suffering in my own life and in the lives of my family and friends on a scale that I had never before imagined. […]

Debbie Downer

I’ve been asked why do we, who like the Reformation and support a Law/Gospel paradigm in theology, always focus on ourselves as sinners? Aren’t we like Debbie Downer from Saturday Night Live who litters every fun conversation with sad and depressing news? When people want to talk about living out a life of love for […]

Freezing Repetitions and the Spirit of Play in Thornton Wilder’s Theophilus North

A number of people have asked about the quotes from Thornton Wilder’s novel Theophilus North that I used in my talk at the 2009 Mockingbird Conference in New York [embedded at the bottom of the post]. The first comes at the end of the chapter ‘Diana Bell’, in which a woman who is trying to […]

What Does Man Do With His Despair? Thornton Wilder on Theophilus North

If, for some reason, Simeon Zahl’s talk at the 2010 Mockingbird Conference in NYC wasn’t enough to convince you to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest Thornton Wilder’s Theophilus North, then maybe this will entice you. The following comes from Wilder’s unfinished preface to the book and gives an insight into the overriding themes which […]

The Beauty of Saint George’s Church

Check out these pictures of our gracious host church for the Mockingbird Conference. This church has changed a lot over the years. Here is what the interior looked like 50 years ago, which is very similar to how it looks today: This is the rear of the nave, also from about 50 years ago, also […]

Displaced Persons in an Alien World

On Saturday afternoon as I walked out the Chantry doors of Saint George’s, the sky was grey, the air was a damp chill, and the cherry trees with their paper-parchment blossoms had somehow lost their luster. Indeed, the world seemed a very different place from the world I had left on the Thursday prior, as […]

The 2010 Mockingbird Conference: Bringing You The Gospel

Art and the Church: Friends, Enemies or Frenemies?

I was at a conference this week in Manchester on “Theology and the Arts,” and though I am far from a specialist in the study of aesthetics, I thought it would be interesting to hear what this community thinks about the role of art in the church. This could include: painting, sculpture, music, dance, even […]

If Once Were Nothing

A good friend and member of my church recently won the 2010 International Arts Movement Prize for Non-Fiction. His story, centering on the truly harrowing misadventures of a group of friends spending a week in Prague, is riveting and can be found here.

P.S. Prize, to be collected at the Mockingbird Conference, for the first to identify the image! (Reading the story will help)

Kanye West Meets the Left Hand of God

I’m still reeling from Gil Kracke’s excellent breakout session at the recent Pensacola Mini-Conference, “Like A Rolling Stone: The Law of Inertia and Human Psychology.” If you haven’t listened to it, do yourself a favor. I can assure you that it will not disappoint! One of Gil’s primary illustrations of incurvatus in se – St. […]

I Will Sell This House Today: The American Beauty of MATM

As our true introduction to Carolyn Burnham (Annette Bening) in Sam Mendes‘ American Beauty, we see her arrive at a house, determined to sell it. She opens the front door and intones, “I will sell this house today.” This is a very name-it-and-claim-it strategy. I’m told it’s also the strategy of The Secret, but I […]