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The Zen Parent Writes of Posture

Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. – Matthew 6:34 * As I was busily typing a sermon one Saturday evening, my seven-year-old son crept into my bedroom. He had gotten out of his bed because he was scared. Naturally, I asked him why. He whispered tearfully, “I can’t put […]

Mindfulness Lowered My Anthropolgy

I started practicing meditation out of necessity. Mind you, it was before mindfulness and meditation were the buzzwords they are now. I started sitting in silence and focusing on my breath in seminary after my father was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. It was the only way I could be in the presence of God; the only […]

Sweet Syrup

This reflection comes to us from Catherine Hause. It seems quiet moments are hard to come by lately. However, the ruckus resides mainly in my own head. I am often alone during the day, but my whirling thoughts remain my constant companion, pulling me this way and that with the boundless energy of a toddler. Each […]