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Wait for It: The Surprising Perks of Suspense

Waiting, of any kind, is generally just stupid. We can all agree on this. We are on the same page here: I don’t like waiting, you don’t like waiting, nobody likes to wait. We want what we want, and we want it yesterday. Veruca Salt got this (“give it to me noooow”), and so did […]

Forgiving Don Draper

A laudably contrarian view of Mad Men appeared in the recent issue of The New York Review of Books by Daniel Mendelsohn, “The Mad Men Account,” raising a number of important questions before making a remarkable and even rather touching conclusion, namely, that the real subtext of the show is an attempt by boomer children […]

"Mad Men" Season Premiere Tonight

A thoughtful interview with Mad Men creator and writer Matthew Weiner with some insights into what to expect this season. Season four begins as an almost brand new show. There is a new ad agency, a new office, a new apartment for the now single Don, and a new set of challenges. Yet Weiner admits that the central theme of the show remains unchanged. The question of identity is alive and well as we are left wondering “who is Don Draper?”

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s an official preview from the AMC website:

Interview with Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner

In celebration of the beginning of Season 3, here is a link to an interview with Matthew Weiner, writer of the television series Mad Men (my favorite show of all time). Below are two of the most poignant questions and answers: Q: Is there a fixed moral center to the show, or does it shift? […]