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PZ’s Podcast This Week: A More Perfect Church?

This week, Mockingbird is proud to present the latest installment of PZ’s Podcast from The Very Rev. Dr.theol. Paul F.M. Zahl. Here are some words from PZ himself on the latest episodes (as always, PZ’s Podcast is available for free on iTunes): “What is and what should never be” (Led Zeppelin): An Almost Perfect Church In […]

Balm For the Soul: Sandra McCracken’s Feast Or Fallow

“We cannot afford to lose these old hymns, they are full of the Gospel…” Basil Manley (1891) Every December Paste Magazine publishes a list of their top fifty albums of the year. Each year I scan the picks searching for the worthy successors to Led Zeppelin and U2. Needless to say, “I still haven’t found […]