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The Law of “Needless Words”

Here’s another great one from Larry Parsley.  For years I have referred to this well-worn paperback not by its title (“The Elements of Style”) but by the authors’ last names — “Strunk and White.” E.B. White (of New Yorker and children’s lit fame) was a college student at Cornell under English professor William Strunk Jr. […]

Donning the Green and Gold

The following comes to us from Larry Parsley. During most of the summer, three of my most frequently worn shirts have hung, forlornly, in my closet. The white polo with green insignia, the green t-shirt with gold lettering, and the green and gold shiny Dry-FIT were all benched from my weekly rotation. Why? It is […]

Bill James at the Bottom of the Order

This one was written by our friend Larry Parsley. Brian Kenny, the popular sports anchor for the MLB Network, has penned a delightfully polemical take on baseball stats in Ahead of the Curve: Inside the Baseball Revolution. Kenny is definitely on the side of the geeks. He sets his book up as a battle between the unsung […]

Grace and William Trevor’s Piano Tuner

This comes to us from Mockingfriend, Larry Parsley. William Trevor, the Irish master of the short story, opens “The Piano Tuner’s Wives” with words that could almost launch a parable. “Violet married the piano tuner when he was a young man. Belle married him when he was old.” In the story that follows, Trevor renders Belle’s […]