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Walter White vs Raylan Givens: The Two Hats of American Law

Alright TV fans, the moment of truth (and consequence) has arrived:

You may download the recording of this session by clicking here.

Walter White vs. Raylan Givens: The Two Hats of American Law

You think you know me? Well, I know you Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens. I know you like to shoot bad people…I heard about you shooting that gun thug in Miami, but you know? At any point, when you were looking at that gun thug, did you see your daddy’s face? These are the words of […]

Raylan’s Short Road to Harlan: Why We Are (and Aren’t) Justified

Despite FX’s tremendously thorough removal of all things Justified on YouTube, there is still some information in this post about the show’s plot, though nothing substantial, and nothing beyond season two. And though this is really a character profile, I feel obliged…spoiler alert! One of the more frequent complaints about the FX television show Justified […]

Another Week Ends: Indie Law, The New Marriage Killer, Futurizing Fear, Apatheism, Damsels in Distress, George Lucas and Downton Abbey

1. In his short article “The Pitfalls of Indie Fame” on Grantland, Chuck Klosterman captures something we have been trying to say on here forever. Don’t be put off by all the music jargon; he is using the critical success of the tUnE-yArDs debut record as an opportunity to reflect on the cruelty of the […]