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Raising the Stakes Is Lowering the Stakes for Justice League

From Justice League expert Jeremiah Lawson, here is an insightful look at the recent holiday season blockbuster. It may be a law of blockbuster cinema that there is an inversely proportional relationship between how high the stakes are raised in explicit and implicit narrative terms and the actual significance of said stakes. In a phrase, when […]

Love at Arm’s Length: The Dark Knight Can Do Anything but Give You His Heart

Wenatchee the Hatchet continues his series, “Justice Has Its Price: The Exiles and Orphans of the Justice League,” with this look at the character of Batman. Over the years the Batman given to us by Kevin Conroy, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm has done a lot of things. Batman has foiled the Joker repeatedly. He has overcome […]

Maid of Honor in a Dishonorable World: Problems with Wonder Woman in the Twenty-First Century

Mockingbird Superhero guru Wenatchee the Hatchet returns with another installment of his Exiles and Orphans of the Justice League series, an rather in-depth installment on Wonder Woman beginning here, with a look at the problems she poses for 21st-century American narrative. After the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel have had at least half a dozen […]

Justice Has Its Price: The Exiles and Orphans of the Justice League, pt. 1

This soon-to-be-classic series on the Justice League from Wenatchee the Hatchet looks at moral/religious themes from Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest from the Cartoon Network series. In this installment, we look at the temptation of hopes and dreams through Superman’s character. For more on Supes, go here. Saving the World from Better Worlds Superman fights for […]