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Silencing the Diving Commentators

Tuning Out the Microscopic Evaluation of Performance

Another Week Ends: Active Listening, Moral Injury, Salad Righteousness, Yoga Humor, and Fat-Shaming

1. Leading off this week, Carlen Maddux has a fantastic interview with none other than Mary Zahl discussing the practice of active listening and its transformative, healing power. While most of our daily conversations could be said to be two people waiting for the other person to stop talking, active listening is something else altogether: […]

When the “Cart Narcs” Come for You

I Can’t Stop Watching the Videos

From The New Yorker

Shame in the Time of Choosing Your Zoom Background Precisely

On “the Brittle Aesthetic Rules of Authority”

Defund Your Inner Police

Everyone is a Complete and Total Mess Right Now

Another Week Ends: Jim Carrey’s Revelation, COVID Judgment, a New PZ Interview, Political Idolatry, the Curated Authenticity of Rachel Hollis, and the Great Awokening in Fiction

1. If you’ve ever seen an interview with Jim Carrey, you quickly realize that he is incredibly weird and awkwardly introspective. At times he seems to either be the lunatic of The Mask or a shaman-mystic, or both at the same time. Carrey is always fascinating, and judging from this LA Times article, his upcoming […]

If Our Sins Were Embroidered on Our Hats

Offensive Hat Slogans and Wildly Offensive Good News

Doomsday Revelations on “21st of May”

Nickel Creek’s Spiritual Comfort in the End Times

Keep Watch, Dear Lord

Life Behind “The Neighbors’ Window”

The Weight of Advent: Speak What You Feel, Not What You Ought to Say

Unlike Other Schools of Thought, Christianity Will Insist, Yes, It Is This bad — And Yet That Is Not the Whole Story

The Convenient Battlefield of Language, or, “This Zadie Smith Is Everything”

“A Writer [Cannot] Hope to Bypass the Intimate Judgment of a Reader … Is It This Judgment We Fear?”