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You’ll Probably Regret Reading This

The Burden of Regret May Be Lighter Than That of Guilt, But It Adds Up.

A Future Not Earned But Given (THE FUTURE ISSUE IS HERE!)

In Celebration of the Future Issue, Here’s Issue 15’s Opener and Table of Contents!

Another Week Ends: El Camino, Total Work, Acedia, More Judge Tammy, Nir Eyal, History’s Long Defeat, and the Only Character Jesus Ever Named

1. These two thuderbolts struck at the same time. First, from Judith Shulevitz, the author of The Sabbath World and writer at the Atlantic, comes “Why Don’t I See You Anymore?” a treatise on the ever-expanding workweek, and its stupefying impact on our family and social ties. Shulevitz, who you might guess from the book […]