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The End of Individualism

It Is Indeed Not Good for Man to Be Alone

Paul and the Person: An Interview with Susan Grove Eastman

Recently I had the privilege of sitting down to interview Susan Grove Eastman to talk about her recently published book, Paul and the Person. Dr. Eastman is the Associate Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School, and her book is a fascinating read. Paul and the Person breaks new ground on the complex issue […]

Grace for ME: Kierkegaard, Sin, and the Self

A week ago my father asked me, presumably because I was the only suitable philosophical authority within a few miles, what “Existentialism” is. Being the word-merchant that I am, I deftly replied, “uh…well, it was kind of started by Kierkegaard — though it’s not explicitly Christian — and it deals with big questions, like, um, […]

For Walt So Loved the World

In honor of WW’s 200th birthday, here’s this. I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. (1-3) Whitman is my favorite narcissist. His poetry overflows with ego, but instead of being stuffy, his poetic self is so all-embracing, so […]

The Appeal of Running and Shooting and the Foolishness of Giving

Football fans love quarterbacks. Basketball fans love point guards. In this week at Mbird sports, we’ll examine some key elements that make up the two positions, and try to make some distinctions as to why they are so beloved, while noting how they may be even more attractive today than ever. Joe Namath. Peyton Manning. […]

Rethinking Individualism with David Brooks

It’s almost too common to read op-ed columns or hear sermons about how individualistic Americans are. Yet a brief remark in David Brooks’ recent book, “The Social Animal”, has implied to me the real absurdity of these diatribes. He said: The United States is a collective society that thinks it is an individualistic one. If […]

Individuality, Fashion, and the Gospel

What do you think about when you buy an article of clothing? I recently lost my glasses and had to buy a new pair and realized just how much went into my decision. Do I want the thick black framed, Buddy Holly glasses? Do I want the Sarah Palin frameless glasses? Do I want the […]

Malcolm Gladwell on Rugged Individualism and the Myth of American Success

Excerpts from an interview with Malcolm Gladwell about his new book Outliers: The Story of Success: To a great extent, you’re debunking rugged individualism, the myth of American success, right? I am, I mean, in some ways this book is somewhere between a corrective and a full-scale assault on the way Western society in general […]

Institutional Cynicism and Humanist Affection in The Wire

It’s been said that we’re living through a golden age of television. The rise of cable and the DVD has freed the medium from age-old network constraints and catapulted it into a new world of creative possibility. If that’s true, then The Wire is the crown jewel. The series wraps up this Sunday, and many […]