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Another Week Ends: Jesus in the News, Body-Positivity, Unconditional Love, Score-Keeping, and Grace for Life-Wasters

1. Kicking off this week we take a bit of a deep dive into all the Jesus articles that appeared over the holiday season, which featured no small amount of controversy. On Christmas Eve, Peter Wehner wrote in the New York Times of “The Forgotten Radicalism of Jesus,” assembling a variety of gospel narratives to argue […]

Biblical Criticism and Rational Ignorance

How God Responds to Sophisticated Arguments Against Christianity (SACCs)

Inspiration, the Many Gospels, and the “Good News”

Why Just Four Canonical Gospels?

Chameleon Jesus

Throwing in some last minute thoughts about Christmas before tree burning commences. With the incarnation, God is presented as man, a man. That is part of the humiliation of Christ’s life. In other words, the cross begins at Christmas, when the second person of the Trinity is delivered into a world of gravity and cold sores, where […]

PZ’s Podcast: Pope Francis and the Historical Jesus

EPISODE 203 So much has been written — I mean, SO MUCH — concerning the so-called Historical Jesus: a welter of books and “Untersuchungen”. I’ve spent most of my career reading these books, and writing a few, too. Then Pope Francis came along and put them all in a cocked hat. This is because if […]

NYC Preview: The Uglier Ditch: First Century Love in the Present Tense

This session will be led by none other than the Dr. Jono Linebaugh. To register for the conference today, click here. I have a question. “God is love” (1 John 4:8). That’s not a question, but it raises one—the one. That “God is love” is a confession grounded in the cross of Jesus Christ: “This […]

Paul as a Disciple of Jesus: Part 3 of 3

So where are we now? Part one examined the broad issue of the historical Jesus and Paul, noting their differences and the ways those have been exploited to create present antithesis. Part two looked at three different attempts to overcome this divide between Jesus and Paul, with Johannes Weiss, Ernst Käsemann, and N.T. Wright broadly […]

False Starts in the Problem of Jesus and Paul, Pt 2

This is the second of three posts examining the possible relationship between Paul of Tarsus and the historical Jesus. The previous post broadly outlined the problem of the historical Jesus and his relationship to Paul the apostle. I noted Paul’s apparent indifference toward Jesus’ message, the conceptual dissimilarity between Paul’s doctrine of justification and Jesus’ […]

Bridging the Divide Between Jesus and Paul: Part 1

The following is the first of three posts devoted to the question of the relationship between Paul the Apostle and Jesus of Nazareth. It was only a hundred years ago that German scholar William Wrede contended that Paul should be considered “the real founder of Christianity”. In his eyes, Paul was the innovative theologian who […]