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Review: Reading While Black: African American Biblical Exegesis as an Exercise in Hope

If You Have Wondered if Christianity Really Is a White Man’s Religion, This Book May Be a Healing Balm

Finding Hope After 13 Reasons Why

This post comes to us from Heather Strong Moore.  What was your worst day? In what ways do you still think about it? How does it still effect you now? We all carry around our own personal blend of wounds and disappointments. This may be a factor in the show 13 Reasons Why becoming such a phenomenon among […]

Nowhere is Safe: The Crossroads of Tragedy and Freedom at the World Trade Center

This post comes to us from Heather Strong Moore. I was a freshman in college on 9/11. We were in morning chapel when the first tower was hit, and we came upstairs to the cafeteria in time for the big screen TV to show the second tower fall. It seemed like a movie, none of […]

Finding Our Roots: The Miniseries and the Exodus

This one comes to us from Heather Strong Moore. “You can’t buy a slave, you’ve got to make a slave.” So says Kunta Kinte’s slave overseer prior to a vicious whipping. This line summarizes much of the struggle depicted in Roots (based on the 1976 novel by Alex Haley and 1977 original miniseries), a new miniseries which follows the […]

Beyoncé, Lemonade, and the Things We Inherit

This one comes to us from Heather Strong Moore. What happens when one of the most successful and influential artists of our time experiences a deep and fairly public heartbreak? She takes those lemons and makes them into Lemonade. Beyoncé’s “visual album” was released on April 23rd and already it’s made history with every track appearing on […]