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Another Week Ends: Burial Road, Rethinking Infidelity, Batman Smells, Curationism, the Anti-App, and the Absurdity of Hope

New episode of The Mockingcast (“Tis Better to Receive Than to Give”) now up on iTunes! Click here to subscribe. 1. Let’s begin with “The End,” The Times’ heartwrenching but incredibly moving series on death. This week’s entry, “The Heroes of Burial Road” by Catherine Porter, chronicles how, in response to unaffordable funeral costs and an […]

Ebola, “Friends” and the Reasons We Give

Tim Keller has said that a Christian is someone who knows that they need to repent not only for the wrong things they do, but for the reasons they do the right things. That is to say, whatever we do, no matter how seemingly altruistic, almost always has some sort of selfish motivation mixed in […]

Do You Have A Zombie Plan, Part IV

We now resume our regularly-scheduled Zombie coverage. For part one, go here. According to the Zombie Research Society (ZRS), May is National Zombie Awareness Month.  One might wonder why such an important observance is not in October, the month of Halloween.  That’s easy.  In October, everyone has zombies on the mind.  It is always meet […]

Suffering and Revival in Haiti

A touching and deeply encouraging article from yesterday’s NY Times about the revival of charismatic Catholicism in Haiti (and among Haitian Americans), post-catastrophe. Doubles as something of a Thanksgiving devotion: The quake, too, is reshaping Haitian religion. It has demanded new resilience — not only from Haitians and Haitian-Americans, who often lay claim to a […]

Fundamentalists and the Atheists Who Love Them

Before I catch my plane down to sunny FLA, a fantastic blog entry over at the NY Times – catch it while it’s hot (i.e. before they charge you) – from Ross Douthat, discussing Richard Dawkins’ recent defense of Pat Robertson’s sadistic comments about Haiti. The first time I’ve seen the Westminster Confession quoted in […]

Casuistry, Business trips, Rationalization, and other Barriers to the Gospel

A recent article from the WSJ described how Resorts and Hotels are dropping the word ‘resort’ from their names in order to attract business. As tolerance for corporate excess becomes less fashionable, companies want to ‘appear’ to be scaling back on business trips and conferences. This does not mean anything about the hotel or the […]

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Here are a couple of different ways to support relief efforts in Haiti.

To give online: Anglican Relief & Development Fund (many Mbird contributors are Anglican/Episcopal, but I’m sure that just about every denomination has set up some sort of relief conduit):
To give $10 via text message through the Red Cross, text “Haiti” to 90999.
Of course, above all, pray.