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Eleven Or So Entertainments Worth Looking Forward To This Year

As snow continues to pound the East Coast and seasonal affective disorder hits full stride, I thought we could all use a reminder of what the rest of 2011 promises, pop culture-wise: 1. Damsels in Distress. Hallelujah, hallelujah, a new Whit Stillman film at last! If this were the only thing happening this year, it’d […]

Resounding Gongs, Clanging Symbols and Pixar’s "One Man Band"

In case you haven’t noticed, we at Mockingbird happen to be big fans of Pixar. Since most of our posts on the studio have focused on its feature-length output, we figured it was time to highlight one of their brilliant vignettes, “One Man Band” (video below). For further reading, see our book The Gospel According […]

Another Week Ends: Procrastination, Galli on Miners & Prayer, Wes Anderson, JK Rowling & goodnewsforpeoplewithbigproblems

1. A wonderful and highly relevant article in this week’s New Yorker by James Surowiecki reviewing a new book on procrastination, The Thief of Time. A perfect storm of Law-related paralysis (also known as “perfectionism” – think Chinese Democracy), Romans 7-style inner divisions and general human silliness: Philosophers are interested in procrastination for another reason. […]

"Soap and Water, My Closest Friends": The Gospel According to Chuck Prophet

“Soap and water are my closest friends, No one quite knows just where we’ve been.” He looks and sounds a lot like an acid-washed Tom Petty. He is a seasoned rock’n’roller, who ran 10 years with his country rock band, Green on Red, and has for 20 years run a fairly successful solo career. He’s […]

The Gospel According to Pixar: Cars

General Plot: Lightening McQueen is the hot new rookie race car who is stealing headlines with every race. He’s super fast and he knows it. He’s a one man show and vocalizes it. When his pit crew ditches him, he doesn’t care… He’s headed to California for the big championship race (between the King–the current […]

Toy Story as a Journey of Heroic Repentance, Pt 1

Excited to post the first of three installments that make up Mockingbird friend Jeremiah Lawson AKA Wenatchee the Hatchet’s exclusive essay, “Toy Story as a Journey of Heroic Repentance.” We’ve written about Toy Story on here before, but this really takes it to, you know, infinity and beyond. One of the most illuminating criticisms of Pixar […]

Soren Kierkegaard and Charlie Brown: The Original Mockingbirds

Mockingbird’s purpose is “to connect the historic truths of the Gospel with the realities of everyday life in as fresh and down-to-earth a way possible.” That means we use a lot of illustrations. Whether it’s the films of Whit Stillman or Pixar, the music of Elvis or Michael Jackson, or recent headlines from the world […]

Another Week Ends: Soccer, Toy Story 3, John Ratzenberger, Narnia, Step One, Self-Proclaimed Messiahs, Stars

1. An interesting conversation/editorial about “A World Cup Mentality” over at the NY Times between David Brooks and Gail Collins. One particularly relevant soundbite (ht TB): We in this country prefer pastimes that are rational and quantifiable. Football plays can be drawn up in a playbook and baseball lends itself to statistical analysis. Americans prefer […]

The Gospel According To LOST

If you’re a LOSTaholic like me, you will be familiar with this clip from a recent episode of the show. But whether you’ve seen LOST or not, this scene packs a real emotional punch. (If you don’t know much about the show, here’s some background information so that you’ll be able to get a better […]

Ian McKellen on Acting

In honor of St Patrick, here’s a little comic relief from the British Isles, a clip from Sir Ian’s brilliant guest-spot on Extras:

For some slightly more serious Gervais-related material, read “The Gervais Principle, or The Office According To The Office” (ht JS). Or just go and download our “The Gospel According To The Office” series.

The Gospel According To Pixar: Finding Nemo’s Resurrection

Continuing Mockingbird’s fascination with all things animated (and anything even remotely related to uber-genius Brad Bird), we present The Gospel According to Pixar, volume 3. To read previous entries, see Volume 1: Wall-E, and Volume 2: Toy Story. I’m planning a Sunday evening series for the next few months called “Jesus at the Movies” (stop […]

The Gospel According to The Who