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Gospel According to Pixar: Inside Out

The reviews for Pixar’s latest, Inside Out, are not just hype. I went to see the movie on Tuesday night, and I’m still processing different parts of it, which to me is always the sign of a goodie. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Pixar: appealing to all ages – wholesome, charming fun […]

Friendships and Fender-Benders in Cars 2

The release of Cars 2 this past summer marked the first Pixar movie to receive almost unanimously poor reviews. While some of this criticism was probably veiled jealousy of Pixar’s consistent success, I still have to admit that this film lacked the heart-tugging storytelling I’ve come to expect. The film has lots of flash – […]

The Gospel According to Pixar: Cars

General Plot: Lightening McQueen is the hot new rookie race car who is stealing headlines with every race. He’s super fast and he knows it. He’s a one man show and vocalizes it. When his pit crew ditches him, he doesn’t care… He’s headed to California for the big championship race (between the King–the current […]

Announcing The Gospel According to Pixar!!

Beginning with Toy Story in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has taken American cinema by storm, setting a new standard of excellence in animated filmmaking and earning a fortune in the process. Their movies are not only highly entertaining but wise. Pixar has an all-too-rare gift for telling stories which speak about the reality of life […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: Anton Ego’s Conversion in Ratatouille

Another preview of our new publication The Gospel According To Pixar. The following represents a portion of the addendum to the talk on Ratatouille (2007) entitled “Passion, Purpose and Pest-Control.” Major spoilers ahead. Brad Bird’s Ratatouille is the story a rat named Remy who dreams of being a cook. And he gets that chance via […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: The Incredibles

As a preview of our recent publication, The Gospel According To Pixar, we thought we’d post a portion of The Incredibles chapter, “(Secret) Identity And The Problem of Being ‘Super’”. My personal favorite of the Pixar oeuvre, we look primarily at the subject of Identity in Brad Bird’s masterpiece, and what follows is the Syndrome […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: Monsters, Inc.

General Plot: Monsters, Inc. is about two monsters, Sully and Mike, who work for the Monsters, Inc company. Sully and Mike encounter a little girl, “Boo,” who has snuck into the Monster world from the human world via her closet door. Human children are considered a great health risk to monsters and could possibly cause […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: Finding Nemo’s Resurrection

Continuing Mockingbird’s fascination with all things animated (and anything even remotely related to uber-genius Brad Bird), we present The Gospel According to Pixar, volume 3. To read previous entries, see Volume 1: Wall-E, and Volume 2: Toy Story. I’m planning a Sunday evening series for the next few months called “Jesus at the Movies” (stop […]

The Gospel According to Pixar: Toy Story

For those who haven’t seen the movie (it is 17 years old!), Toy Story is a tale about the secret lives of Andy’s toys. Whenever Andy leaves, a whole unknown toy world comes to life. This is a world of staff meetings, checker games, friends, and Plastic corrosion awareness meetings. Andy’s favorite toy is Woody, […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: WALL*E

[Warning: Post contains spoilers.] I went to see WALL*E last week, and despite hearing numerous “You’re going to love it!” from different folks I was still amazed by the movie. Pixar yet again blew my mind. You can read about the plot of the story here, so I won’t go into too much detail about […]