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Forgiveness Is Greece’s (and Germany’s) Only Hope

Central to Christianity is the notion that, at the end of the day, forgiveness is humanity’s only hope. Not performance, or improvement, or willpower, or wishful thinking, but absolution – “nothing but the blood of Jesus,” as the old hymn goes. Apparently, this idea holds in financial markets as well, or so a piece in […]

PZ’s Podcast: Emotion and Generation Zahl

Episode 167: Emotion It’s a primary theme. ‘Lobo’ talked about it as well as any of our troubadours. So did, and does, Burton Cummings. Cummings teaches so much, partly because he doesn’t filter his emotions. His songs sometimes have odd emotional interjections within them, words and phrases that sound dis-junctive. A classic example is his […]

The Unexpected Benefits of Growing Up With a Nazi Name

A fascinating review of the BBC documentary series Hitler’s Children appeared in The Atlantic recently. The film catches up with various descendents of major Nazi figures, such as Herman Goering and Heinrich Himmler, and explores how they’ve dealt with their family names and legacies. These are people for whom “the inheritance of sin” is not […]

Berlin, Berlin! Part Two.

For the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, StampDawg posted a link to a slide show commemorating the momentous event. Almost three weeks later, I can’t get past one of the pictures I saw (pictured below). By way of simple explanation, this is a picture of West Germans staring over the wall […]

Life As Inter-Religious Dialogue

There was a recent citywide referendum here in Berlin that was over the question as to whether students should be allowed to have a choice between an “Ethics” class or a “Religion” class. Historically in Berlin there has been only one option: Ethics. This proposition was overwhelmingly defeated, and Berlin students will not have to […]

Mockingbird is on such a roll! (see also K.I.D. – Don’t Stop, 1981)

Posted only for its descriptive (and definitely not prescriptive) value. The ever-building Mockingbird momentum is palpable! Can’t wait for the conference and the upcoming daily devotional book and all the wonderful blog posts of the future!

Love, JAZ

p.s., If indeed it is the case that the law (i.e., “Don’t Stop”, 1981) can only be heard in its 2nd Use sense, I offer the following video — Black Gold’s “C’mon Stop”, 1983 — in an attempt to undo/neutralize any of the “trespass increased” by the above:

p.p.s., I own both of these 12″s.