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I Once Was Blind but Now I Rock: Nine Conversions Put to Music

The following list was compiled and annotated by David Zahl, and published in the latest issue of The Mockingbird magazine on Faith & Doubt. Best enjoyed with the volume up: The Road to Damascus has been well traveled in pop music. Perhaps not enough to make “conversion songs” a legitimate subgenre, but enough for a pretty […]

The Ever Present Past of the Beatles (and the Saddest Record of the Year)

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite Beatle. Cuddly Paul, edgy John, moody George, or funny Ringo, you choose the one you either most readily identify with, or would most like to identify with. Of course, having to name only one is a dodgy practice in the first place, […]

January Playlist

Ding Dong, Ding Dong – George Harrison Hold My Hand – Dave Davies The Country life – The Bees Fool – Luke Wilson I Just Can’t Take It Anymore – The Lemonheads Jews for Jesus Blues – Clem Snide A White Shade of Pale – The Everly Brothers The World’s Loneliest Man – Vince Eager […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Pipes of Pan, Removals Men Pts 1&2

Episode 69: The Pipes of Pan This is a thought on some words of Our Lord in St. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 11, Verses 16-19. Christ observes that a communicator has to lay down any thought of convincing people, or getting them to agree with you. You can play the “Pipes of Pan” in the most […]

Another Week Ends: Brooks on Empathy, more Quiet Beatle, American Commandments, Kaling on Chick Flicks, Meth to Master, Pre-Marital Hanky Panky, Psycho Congress, Tweedy & Ryan Adams

1. David Brooks continues with his one-man campaign for a more realistic conception of human nature, and the implications it might have on ethical behavior, in his new column, “The Limits of Empathy.” This time he focuses on the question of motivation, exploring how easily/frequently something as ‘good’ as empathy is subordinated to self-interest (and laziness), ht […]

Another Week Ends: 9/11, Emasculated Sitcoms, 4-Hour Soul, Open Source Christians, Watch the Throne, Wilco & more Procrastination

1. The Internet Monk invited us to do a guest post on 9/11 this week, and RJ Heijmen, Mbird contributor and head honcho at St Paul’s in NYC, took up the gauntlet. His reflection is entitled “In Love’s Service Only Wounded Soldiers Can Serve,” and it’s very much worth your time, and not only because […]

Trailer for Scorsese’s George Harrison Documentary

Still no word on the soundtrack…

August Playlist

I’m skipping ahead one month this time, so that the dates in which we’re listening to the playlist match the month of the mix: Black Treacle – Arctic Monkeys I Can Hardly Believe You’re Mine – The Raspberries Pieces of a Dream – South Things I Don’t Understand – Coldplay Places That Are Gone – […]

Another Week Ends: Divorce Delusions, FNL, KJV, Natural Family Planning, Pastafarianism, Harry Potter and 30 Rock

1. New Mbird favorite Heather Havrilesky hit another home run in this past Sunday’s NY Times Magazine with her column “The Divorce Delusion,” in which she exposed the current sunny pop-climate about divorce for what it is, namely, delusional. Or at least very naive. She also took the opportunity to muse on the underlying narcissism: […]

Lifting Up Jeff Lynne, ELO and the Wilbury Sound

There haven’t been any books written about Jeff Lynne yet, but there will be. Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) was sublime and would certainly be enough to qualify him as hagiography-worthy. What separates Jeff from many of the pop musicians of his generation, however, is the extremely potent second wind he caught in the late 1980s. […]

Thursday Morning Rock N Roll: Prince’s Guitar Gently Weeps

The Wilburys do a decent job with the vocals but it is Prince’s solo, which begins around the 3:30 mark, that is the real gem here. Apparently he had never heard the song before being asked to contribute…

Worshiping at the Altar of the Beatles (and Their Monaural Magic)

Two lists to celebrate the release of the long-awaited Fab Four reissues. First and most relevantly, five quasi-Gospel moments in the Beatles-related videography. Counting down: 5. The first modern worship song? Or simply the strangest number one single of all-time? 4. “I’m A Loser” performed in France in 1965. “I’m not what I appear to […]