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Ubuntu and the Sharpened Pencils: Welcome Back to School

Over the next several weeks, children will enter new classrooms across the country, sporting shiny sneakers sans skid-marks and carrying freshly sharpened pencils and blank notebook paper. And they are perhaps a bit nervous (or a lot nervous) about unearthing the answer to a question they’ve been wondering for weeks: Who did I get this […]

Identity, Ass, and the Wrong Context

Emily Newton on the new phenomenon of social media anonymity, and the teenage quest for a powerful new name.

Too Great of Expectations? Being Ordinary in a Culture of Extraordinary

Dickens had it right long before Brené Brown did, but she certainly dusts his ideas off a bit. As an English teacher attempting to ignite within my students’ brains interest in something other than taking selfies, Yik-Yak, or lulu-lemon yoga pants, I find it important to see the value in a text myself before asking my students to […]