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Exploring the Oddball World of Leftfield Christian Music 1973-87, Pt. 2: A Mockingbird Breakout Preview

At last year’s NY Conference we mined deep, but there’s a ton more to share. In this breakout, we will continue to explore the world of obscure Christian funk and electronic music from yesteryear. We will learn about why early Christian hip-hop floundered so after its inception (hint: the reason is theological). And we’ll remember how radical it is to introduce a Moog into your worship band, in 1974 (!!). Then there’s Mr. T’s song about the Ten Commandments. Are you wondering what happened to Jimmy Mamou when he read the Bible in Hawaii? What about the nu-wave album that Gary Numan’s favorite guitarist made about the Holy Ghost? Or what Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s poetry sounds like when read aloud over a funky, clavinet-heavy groove? (note: Germany will be making a strong showing this year).  I can’t wait to share it all with you… Praise the Lord!

Today is the last day to pre-register online!

EpiscoDisco: The Documentary – Out Now!

Let’s face it–this is probably the single coolest thing Mockingbird has ever been involved with, or will ever be involved with. I’m talking about the short documentary on DJ JAZ and “The Episco Disco” that VICE (and their electronic music division Thump) filmed at our conference in NYC this year. A culmination of culminations! Of course, if it’s all downhill from here, at least our decline will have a killer soundtrack.

Those in the United States can click on the image below to watch ten of the greatest minutes of the year. Those in other countries will either have to get crafty, or wait til the video hits youtube later this year:


And if by some sad circumstance you missed the session John mentions in the clip, never fear: we got you covered.

The Italo Gospel Is Foolishness (But to Us…It Is the Power of God)

Have you ever heard of Italo? The name refers to a genre of music that was made primarily in Italy (though not exclusively), and is basically a catch-all term for the pop music of 1980s Italy. What could be more intriguing? Like any genre of music, Italo carries with it degrees of sophistication, polish, and […]

Finnish Disco, Romans 7, and Ryan Adams

So, what do a 1970’s Finnish disco instruction video and Romans 7 have in common? Answer: Ryan Adam’s Halloweenhead! This music video (as awesomely clever as it is) sort of masks what the great songwriter of our time, Ryan Adams, has to say about the human condition. For those of you unfamiliar with with his […]