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Another Year Ends: Xmas Wars, Twitter Blues, Reznor’s Recovery, Hume’s Legacy, Bad Seeds, Scrooge Syndrome, and Mbird Subscriptions

1. You can’t blame Matt Zencey for trying to put the “war on Christmas” in perspective over at The Huffington Post, recalling the 18th century Puritan campaign against the holiday. While contextually more than a little glib – apples and oranges and all that (our cultural conflict has two equally doctrinaire opponents, theirs had one, […]

Life As Inter-Religious Dialogue

There was a recent citywide referendum here in Berlin that was over the question as to whether students should be allowed to have a choice between an “Ethics” class or a “Religion” class. Historically in Berlin there has been only one option: Ethics. This proposition was overwhelmingly defeated, and Berlin students will not have to […]