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Give Up, Charlie Sheen!

But alas, the exhortation to “give up” does not engender the ability, nor the desire, to “give up.” We’ve posted bits and pieces on Charlie Sheen’s very public, very unfortunate meltdown before, but one might argue that Thursday the “bottoming out process” began. CBS has halted production on Sheen’s successful TV show, Two-and-a-Half-Men, in response […]

Must-See TV, The Fourth Wall and Narcissism

From Mockingbird behind-the-scenes guru Jeff Dean: It’s official: the fourth wall no longer exists in NBC’s Thursday night’s “must-see” line-up. The returning shows are the most flagrant examples. On Community, Abed constantly references what it means to be a sitcom. Thursday he critiqued the episode as a season premiere. 30 Rock is already a TV […]

Andy Rooney and New Year Resolutions

So Andy has something great to say about New Year’s Resolutions. However, I want to propose that this may actually be another form of Law. I wonder, if each of us followed his example, would we indeed do that which we have never done (because it would weigh on our minds and, in fact, lead us to do that which we would have never done) if not for resolving to never do it…

Andy And The New Year–check it out.

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How To Wreck Your Career

Earlier this month, the Japanese Finance Minister, Shoichi Nakagawa, appeared at a press conference during the G-7 summit in Rome. He was wasted. Hammered. Three sheets to the wind. Plastered. Drunk as a skunk. I mean, wasn’t even able to come close to acting even remotely sober. Worse than Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman. Watch the […]