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How to Draw a Crowd on the Playground

On Fridays I mentor a fifth-grade boy at a local elementary school. The hour we spend together begins in a classroom where he eats his lunch and we work jigsaw puzzles, play board games, and build race cars out of Legos. But when lunch is over, this boy cannot wait to go outside. You can learn […]

Cam Newton: “Show Me a Good Loser and I’ll Show You a Loser” – An Ash Wednesday Reflection

He’s right! Those who accept losing often continue to lose. Raise your hand: Did you lose today? Yesterday? 5 minutes ago? All of us who have tried and failed to be good spouses, parents, employees, offspring, students, football players, etc. know full well. We lose. We do. We all have lost and will continue to lose […]

Super Bowl 50 Prediction “Creed-Bomb”-Style: Can Cam “Take Me Higher”?…or Will Peyton Ride Into the Sunset “With Arms Wide Open”?

’86 Chicago Bear “Super Bowl Shuffle”, meet the “Carolina Creed-Bomb”. Think photo bomb, except that the “bomber” in this case comes out of nowhere, gets right in your face, and goes full throttle Creed in all their cringe-worthy lyric glory. Panther’s linebacker Ben Jacobs is credited with birthing the creedbomb. He will magically appear in […]

Championships By Grace (Not Works)

With the dawn of every football season, every team (however unrealistic it may be) begins with hopes of claiming the BCS national championship. As the season progresses, they desire to maintain a position whereby they “control their own destiny.” This term, often used in sports, means that a team relies on no external factors for […]

Identity, Expectation and the Run-First Quarterback

A couple of fascinating articles about the pressure on NFL quarterbacks have appeared in the last week.  First off is this piece from CBS Sports columnists Gregg Doyel.  Unusually even-tempered for the typically aggressive Doyel, the column is loaded with talk of expectations vs. talent, a specific football analogy for the broader study of identity […]

Cam Newton, Michael Vick, and the Economy of Forgiveness

Two electric, sensational quarterbacks defined both college and professional football in 2010. At the professional level, Michael Vick realized the unbelievable potential that he showed glimpses of at Virginia Tech and in Atlanta, taking the Philadelphia Eagles to first place in the NFC East. Meanwhile, Cam Newton had one of the greatest seasons in the […]