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Little Sister: Good News for the Goth Family

This spooky little treat comes to us from Caleb Stallings. “Fail to see the tragic, Turn it into magic!” – Marilyn Manson “Remember your congregation, which you acquired long ago, which you redeemed to be the tribe of your heritage.” – Psalm 74:2, NRSV Halloween came strangely early for me this year. By the time September […]

Villains, Saints, and Queens of the Stone Age

This one comes to us from Caleb Stallings. “Oh villain! Thou art condemned into everlasting redemption.” William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing My friends always laugh whenever I say, “That’s it! I’m quitting Twitter. I’m quitting social media. I’m quitting smartphones. I’m quitting it all!” I’ve melodramatically announced this countless times in the past few […]

The Cursed Tree and the High Priest: The Christ Imagery of The Revenant

A brilliant look at The Revenant, from our friend Caleb Stallings. Being a native of Georgia, I’ve always been oddly proud of our pine trees. Up until the recent film industry boom in Atlanta, I felt like the Peach State had few cultural icons to offer, the pine tree being a (less than) obvious exception. […]

Why Am I Dead? Revisiting The Black Parade

This one comes to us from Caleb Stallings: Recently, I found myself listening to a favorite band from my adolescence: My Chemical Romance. I know, I know… The certifiable kings of emo rock! I should be embarrassed by this, right? Some people certainly think so. When I mentioned my appreciation for them recently on Facebook, […]