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Another Week Begins: God vs Science, R.Crumb, Chris Christie, Social Justice, The Amazing Race and Dr. Null

1. On the off chance that you didn’t see William McGurn’s powerful editorial in last week’s Wall Street Journal, “God vs. Science isn’t the issue”, here’s a few lines from it: Here’s the problem: Almost no one really believes [that human beings do not possess some form of “special dignity” in comparison to other life […]

Nobody But The Baby (NT Wright on Colbert)

Real quick: I wanted to call attention to Caleb Maskell’s excellent blog, Nobody But The Baby. The man has clearly been given a burst of inspiration these past couple weeks. He’s got a knack for finding fascinating examples of Worlds-Colliding like the BBC interview with David Soul (aka Hutch of Starsky And Hutch fame…) on […]