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The Resurrection in “The Old Man and the Sea”

This post comes to us from Bror Erickson The bones at the end of the “The Old Man and the Sea,” the skeleton of the big fish, always captures my attention as a strange metaphor for that empty tomb. What should be a symbol of failure signals the salvation of Santiago, the Old Man. So, […]

2019 NYC Conference Book Table

Many thanks to all who attended and helped pull off the 12th annual Mockingbird conference in NYC! For all who couldn’t make it, and also those who could, each year we like to put together a virtual book table, with the various recommended readings and resources written by our speakers and guests. (Last week we […]

With My Own Eyes by Bo Giertz – A Review

By personal habit, and soon by way of formal study (again), I read a good deal of academic theology. It isn’t always easy going down – sometimes quite far from it, as most working theologians are not sparkling writers. By contrast, I don’t read much popular Christian literature. It isn’t my thing, and I justify […]