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Take a Theologian to Work Day

One of the difficulties of trying to communicate something like the distinction between law and gospel is that it is notoriously hard to pin down. Like my supervisor says, if knowing German made you a theologian, then it would be a simple matter. Likewise, knowing (or even acknowledging) the difference between Law and Gospel (indicative […]

January Playlist

I’m pretty proud of this one: 1. Are You Ready? – U.N. of S.2. Lord, If You’re A Woman – Darlene Love3. Laura – Girls4. I Want Some More – Colin Blunstone5. No Doubt About It – Hot Chocolate6. I Ain’t Hiding – The Black Crowes7. (Wish I Could) Hideaway – Creedence Clearwater Revival8. Powderfinger […]

Berlin, Berlin! Part Two.

For the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, StampDawg posted a link to a slide show commemorating the momentous event. Almost three weeks later, I can’t get past one of the pictures I saw (pictured below). By way of simple explanation, this is a picture of West Germans staring over the wall […]

Berlin, Berlin

Twenty years ago today, the Berlin Wall fell. Through a gallery of 25 absolutely beautiful photographs, Slate takes a look at the building of the Wall and the different lifestyles of those who lived along it in the years that followed.

Stop what ever you are doing and see them now. Don’t miss the very last one, which made me happier than I have been in a long time.

Life As Inter-Religious Dialogue

There was a recent citywide referendum here in Berlin that was over the question as to whether students should be allowed to have a choice between an “Ethics” class or a “Religion” class. Historically in Berlin there has been only one option: Ethics. This proposition was overwhelmingly defeated, and Berlin students will not have to […]

"The Distinctive Elements in Christianity" by Karl Holl (1866-1926)

A few quotes from the late Rector of the University of Berlin: “I begin with what is best known and least doubtful, i.e. with that item in the teaching of Jesus which struck His kinsfolk most strongly, and which in fact must have excited the greatest surprise. Jesus is called by His opponents the ‘friend […]

Caught! On Facebook…

A fascinating and insightful submission from the fascinating and insightful Hawley Schneider: This article popped up in my gmail the other day, about a young bank intern named Kevin Colvin, who got busted by his boss for lying about a family emergency in order to miss work. He took advantage of his co-workers’ compassion in […]