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I Did Not Build Me: Politics, Fragility, and the Self-Made Life

“Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own… If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – Barack Obama July 13, 2012 When I heard President Obama utter those words I just about lost it. Usually I […]

Another Week Ends: Work and Play, Oprah and Colbert, Barack and Marilynne, Kanye Western, and Yes, Death

The work and play issue continues. This week we saw two articles surface that had more bad news to give us about the growing presence of our work lives in our leisure time. Ugh. I’ll spare you both of them. One of them talks about the implicit message of workaholism in tv shows these days. […]

Another Week Ends: Ben Franklin’s Bible, Desperate Millennials, The Costanza Key to Success, Prohibition, Zombie vs. Vampire, Whit Stillman, Craig Thompson and Rango

1. Doubtless you’ve heard, but in a true laugh-or-you’ll-cry moment, Ben Franklin’s notorious “God helps those who help themselves” motto was quoted as Scripture from quite an auspicious, or I should say audacious, pulpit this past week. This just a few weeks after the Atlanta branch of my church put forward an out-of-nowhere (or, you […]

The Inner Totalitarian

In case you missed it in Tuesday’s NYTimes, a few takeaways from David Brooks’ insightful editorial on Obama’s Christian Realism. The cultural shift he describes is particularly interesting. Speaking about the WWII generation he writes: “[You, and others of your era] you would have had a lingering awareness of the sinfulness within yourself. As the […]

Obama’s Nobel: Law or Gospel?

I was struck today by the following excerpts regarding Barack Obama’s unexpected, and perhaps undeserved (according to Obama himself), Nobel Peace Prize: AP: President Barack Obama was praised Friday as a worthy Nobel Peace Prize winner although many admirers said the award was based on his potential, not his accomplishments. Former Finnish president and 2008 […]

Reinhold Niebuhr on Obama, the Recession, and Creative Despair

[Ed. note: Be sure to read the comments for the, um, commentary.] “[T]he course of history, particularly in the past two centuries, has proved the earlier identification of growth and progress to be false. We have, or ought to have, learned, particularly from the tragedies of contemporary history, that each new development of life, whether […]

Chris Rock on Obama, Racism, Anthropology

A couple relevant thoughts from a recent interview with CNN: What are you hoping Barack Obama does for this country? What do you think is his most important task? Rock: You know, if you’re the president you only have two jobs: peace and money. That’s it. I mean, it’s like, what did Clinton do? […]