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Bad Takes and Gospel Truth: The Subtle Art of True Profanity

I was eight years old when Back to the Future came out. (Fine, do the math. I’M FORTY.) I remember recapping the movie to a friend on what would now be called a playdate but at the time was just called being a kid. We were in my front yard, and I told her about […]

Home But Not Alone

Every year I assign myself the arduous task of watching my favorite Christmas movies. No, really–it’s hard! ABC Family and AMC, between them, have helped simplify things with their impressive array of holiday fare: all that’s left for me is to check the listings and set the DVR. But watching has gotten more complicated as […]

What’s the Catch? Future Biff Balks at Grace

This morning’s Back to the Future wisdom comes from Matt Patrick.  The only problem with Back to the Future marathons is that they don’t happen frequently enough. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to turn one off, and every time I watch, I catch something new. For example, just the other day while taking […]