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PZ’s Podcast: What Part of You Isn’t Angry?

EPISODE 62 So much anger — It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere! I followed the New York Times comment thread on Hurricane ‘Irene’, all 400-plus comments that were posted during the storm, and it was the angriest thing I’ve ever seen. Everybody just slamming each other. Where does all this anger come from? We’re obviously angrier than […]

Steve Jobs, Positively 4th Street, and the Upside of Anger

Apple cultivates such a serene image, it’s hard to believe that the underlying corporate culture, at least if reports about the late Steve Jobs’ management techniques are to be believed, is one of confrontation, brutal criticism and threat. Then again, perfectionism tends to produce such fruit. Sort of the opposite of Pixar, which is ironic, […]

My Way Or The Highway: Sidewalk Rage and the Tyranny of Should

On your left! A remarkably relevant (and convicting) article from The Wall Street Journal entitled “Get Out of My Way, You Jerk!” looking at how the ‘should’ instinct informs the phenomenon known as ‘sidewalk rage’. Of course, the control-freak diagnosis applies to road rage as well, as well as a host of other issues, i.e. […]

Another Week Ends: Galli on Resolutions, Anger at God, Last Words, Sex & Marriage, Geek Culture, Jonny

1. The final word on the New Year from 2011 Mockingbird Conference speaker Mark Galli over at Christianity Today, in his column “Blessed Are the Poor in Virtue”: At the risk of derailing someone’s hard fought New Year’s vows, let me suggest that some of us stop trying to become good Christians, or whatever noble […]

Stiffelio, Cards From Another World, and A Great Eucatastrophe

Earlier this summer, Mockingbird recommended an 1850 Verdi opera entitled Stiffelio. If you managed to catch this on DVD, you were no doubt confronted as I was with a theme as old as the Gospel, a theme that is the Gospel: the theme of our brokenness and God’s unmerited favor reaching out to us in […]

How Sinners Become Saints – Bp. FitzSimons Allison

I had the pleasure of hearing Bp. Fitz Allison deliver a home run of a sermon on All Saints Day this past week at my church here in the lowcountry of South Carolina (St. John’s Parish, Johns Island). When I sat down in the pew and noticed the appointed readings for the day, I wondered […]

The Bitter Pill?

For the tens of hundreds of us who saw and loved The Rocker, news about the destructive power of bitterness and its need for treatment is nothing new. Thanks to being allowed to witness the fearless and brilliant way ‘Fish’–drawing from the storehouse of his own hurts and pains–helps Curtis work through some anger with […]

Go For It?

Sometimes I think those of us who love the church the most are also faced with the need to be its harshest critics. I was more than a little crushed to see this spin on the upcoming sermon series at our church (which will remain nameless). FYI, it is a large Episcopal church with a […]