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He Showed Up In Boots: Garth Brooks is a Fool for Christ

Perhaps Because of the Shock of the Moment, It Seemed Perfectly Right

We Once Were Lost

This reflection comes to us from Andreas Thiel. Two afternoons every week, I take a short drive to our local Long Term Care facility. On these occasions, I put my day-to-day parish responsibilities aside, for the purpose of serving as Chaplain to this community of (mostly) senior citizens. Now into my fourth month on the job, […]

Old Boyfriends and What We Keep Hidden: Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past

As of late, the subject of one’s past has become a pretty popular topic. Political candidates and beauty contestants alike all seem to have histories that are up for discussion and judgment. And the past, in our current climate, appears to generally be full of things people want to remain hidden. Of course, the past […]

Why Can’t We Just Celebrate?

The Miami Heat have won 27 consecutive basketball games. For regular readers of this space, you’ll know that I take great pleasure in this. What I don’t take great pleasure in, however, is our collective inability to celebrate an unassailably great accomplishment. The all-time NBA record for consecutive victories is 33, by the Los Angeles […]

Viral Video Virtues

Q: What do the Law without Gospel and a Watermelon Catapult Competition in the Amazing Race have in common?

A: When our own attempts to fulfill the law backfire and lead to self destruction, we’re told to get up and finish the task we weren’t able to complete in the first place.
Comment on this post if you’re glad the Christian Life is not the Amazing Race, but Amazing Grace! (see what I did there?)

How Can You Stand Next To The Truth And Not See It? – U2 at Giants Stadium

Talk about jealousy – our friend Nathan was among those fortunate enough to score tickets to U2’s much-anticipated gig in NYC last night, and he sent us the following report. [To read Aaron Zimmerman’s excellent 4-part series on the spiritual history of the band, click here, here, here and here.] “We’ve got a spaceship,” Bono […]

The Kings Of Leon Could Use Somebody Like You

Their story is pretty well-known by now: three sons of a traveling Pentecostal minister form a band with their cousin and hit it incredibly big in England. No, they didn’t ditch their upbringing entirely; in fact, they seem only to have jettisoned most of the moralism while holding on to the most essential and powerful […]

Amazing Grace – The Man (in Black) Comes Around

Last night at our weekly Mockingbird Hour we took at the life of music legend Johnny Cash. One of the things we read was Dan Haseltine’s (lead singer of Jars of Clay) foreword for The Man Comes Around: The Spiritual Journey of Johnny Cash. It was so good that I thought I’d share it with […]