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Into the Spider-Verse: Anyone Can Wear the Mask but Web-Slinging Is Another Matter

Thrilled to share this review from superhero expert Jeremiah Lawson: Last week, Into the Spider-Verse won the Oscar for best animated feature film. Of the contenders, even though I loved Incredibles 2, I would be willing to say that for sheer fun Spider-Verse deserved its win. The film is a high-octane sugar-buzz film with a dense, complex array […]


The 2016 Academy Awards demonstrated once again (in Full HD) that the Oscars are no longer about celebrating filmmaking, but peddling righteousness. It’s a platform for the arbiters of uprightness to parade in front of viewers everything they’re required to care about in order to safeguard their justification. It’s a theater for displaying self-salvation. The […]

Near, Far, Wherever You Are, We Miss You Miss Misery

Yesterday marked ten years since Elliott Smith died. There’s a lot to be said about the troubled singer-songwriter’s work, the vast majority of which has yet to date one iota. But for today, I thought I’d share one fresh detail that seemed pertinent. Some of us consider his performance at the 1998 Academy Awards the […]

Argo, “Best” Picture of the Year

Or is it? I suspect not, but that’s not the main issue. Critics have reacted against the movie since it won Best Picture, but for misguided reasons: it’s self-congratulatory for the film industry, it plays at a cynicism about US foreign affairs in the opening storyboard sequence only to annul that sentiment with a feel-good […]

(More) On Magnolia: Mockingbird at the Movies

I’ve posted about Magnolia before, but this is a film that bears further examination. One of the most beautiful modern American films, this movie won no Academy Awards, and was only nominated for three (Tom Cruise for Best Supporting Actor, Aimee Mann for Best Original Song, and P.T. Anderson (who also directed) for Best Original […]

Strength In Weakness (at the Oscars)

Even better: