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Rest, Delight, and Community: An Interview with Kendall Vanderslice, Author of We Will Feast

Grateful for this interview conducted by Aarik Danielsen, with Kendall Vanderslice: Men and women cannot live by bread alone but, in its breaking, we recognize the one who gives us life. We bring nothing to the table of Jesus, yet he graciously offers us all the abundance he shares with the Father and Spirit. Called […]

Patton Oswalt’s Good Grief

This one was written by Aarik Danielsen. “You gotta laugh to keep from crying.” This is what passes for conventional emotional wisdom in 2017. And not without reason. Our moment feels, politically, psychically, and spiritually, like a stage play complete with buffoonish characters, bizarre stage directions and metaphors willing to do tasteful nudity. If we […]