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Jazzing (and Baking) in the New Year with Pixar’s Soul

Since entering my thirties, around every turn of the year I can always count on the same lingering question nagging at my subconscious like a hungry and overtired toddler: What if I never amount to anything? Something about the annual ritual of taking stock, or the barrage of “New Year, New Me” social media posts, […]

Demanding a Miracle in 2021

This post comes to us from Alex Sosler, Assistant Professor of Bible and Ministry at Montreat College: I wonder if 2021 seems impossible to you. I know a new year can be a kick in the pants to your dreams and goals … at least for a few weeks. Perhaps you have a sin issue […]

The Law of Advent and the Gospel of Christmas

Breaking from the norm of conventional Christmas cards, someone sent us a melancholy card, dripping in satire, that reads, “Cheery and bright have taken the year off. Introducing the ‘reflective and moody’ holiday card.” Funny. Fitting. What are we to do in a pandemic during what is hailed to be the most wonderful time of […]

The Local Love of God in a Global Hellstorm

“It May Look Like I’m Surrounded, But I’m Surrounded by You.”